Sunday Quiz – Beastly Plants – The Answers

Dog Rose

Dear Readers, what a popular quiz this was! All scores are out of 19 because like a twit I lost count of my photos. In joint first place were Christine and Rayna with 18 out of 19, well done ! They were closely followed by Liz with 17, Mike with 16, Andrea with 14 and Anne with 13. A special mention also goes to Anna, who got 14 right on her first attempt at a Bugwoman quiz – welcome Anna! A most creditable bunch of scores from everybody, thank you for playing. I shall have to think up something even more exciting for next week. Do let me know if you have any thoughts on a subject that you’d like to be quizzed on next week, otherwise who knows what dastardlyness I might come up with?


2) Black horehound

3) Corncockle

4) Shining Cranesbill

5) Ragged Robin

6) Foxglove

7) Shoofly plant

8) Monkey Puzzle tree

9) Staghorn Sumac

10) Bears Breeches

12) Viper’s bugloss

13) River Water crowfoot

14) Spider plant

15) Dogwood

16) Crab apple

17) Prickly sowthistle

18) Elephant’s ear

19) Hogweed

20) Ox-eye Daisy

3 thoughts on “Sunday Quiz – Beastly Plants – The Answers

  1. Anne

    Ha ha – we call the spider plant hen-and-chickens in South Africa. I am fairly chuffed with my 13 correct guesses. It was fun to participate.

  2. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Not sure how but I missed the email on this one (again). Though I did get the Wednesday Weed (which reminded me to look). Another great quiz. 😊 My only suggestion for next week or another week are those creatures which act or maybe look like their name (though maybe that’s too easy?)


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