The Sunday Quiz – Beastly Bugs!

Photo One by

1) ____ Beetle

Dear Readers, we had so much fun with the beastly plants last week that I thought we’d have a go with some beastly invertebrates this week. All you have to do is to find the creature that completes the name of the ‘bug’ in the photo. So, if you think photo one is of an antelope beetle, that’s your answer to number 1! Simple! All the invertebrates are found in the UK, though some of them are more unusual than others. I’m always surprised at the sheer variety of small beasties there are to spot in our gardens.

I have found some really great photos for us this week – photo credits will be included with the answers on Tuesday.

Please note that number 15 has not one but two other creatures in its name, so your total score will be out of 16.

As usual, pop your answers into the comments before 5 p.m. on Monday UK time if you want me to mark your attempt. Some people are extremely speedy, so if you don’t want to be influenced by those who came before, write your answers down first (and throw away your Tipp-ex and eraser ūüôā ).

Have fun!

Photo Two by Alvesgaspar / CC BY-SA (

2) Silver____

Photo Three by Tobias b köhler / CC BY-SA (

3) ____ Cricket

Photo Four by Charles J Sharp / CC BY-SA (

4) Meadow ____hopper

Photo Five by David Short from Windsor, UK / CC BY (

5) Suffolk ___lion

Photo Six by Bruce Marlin / CC BY-SA (

6) Green _____ Beetle

Photo Seven by Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors from Stevenage, United Kingdom / CC BY-SA (

7) Devil’s coach-_____

Photo Eight by Siga / CC BY-SA (

8) __________ beetle

Photo Nine by Björn S... / CC BY-SA (

9) _____ Fly

Photo Ten by Muséum de Toulouse / CC BY-SA (

10) _____ Fly

Photo Eleven by Frank Vassen from Brussels, Belgium / CC BY (

11) ______ Hoverfly

Photo Twelve by Ian Kirk from Broadstone, Dorset, UK / CC BY (

12) ________ Fly

Photo Thirteen by I, J.M.Garg / CC BY-SA (

13) _______tail Butterfly

Photo Fourteen by Lynne Kirton / Peacock butterfly (Inachis io)

14) _______ Butterfly

Photo Fifteen by nick goodrum from Catfield in Norfolk, United Kingdom / CC BY (

15) ________ ____moth



2 thoughts on “The Sunday Quiz – Beastly Bugs!

  1. Rosalind Atkins

    I really enjoyed this quiz. A couple of lucky guesses (well, some features were good clues), a bit of fascinating research, and some ancient memories, and here are my results:

    1). Stag Beetle
    2). Silverfish
    3). Mole Cricket (who knew?)
    4). Meadow Froghopper (I have studied wine ;0)
    5). Suffolk Antlion
    6). Green Tiger Beetle
    7). Devil’s Coach-horse
    8). Unicorn Beetle
    9). Crane Fly
    10). Horsefly (wish I could unsee that video … )
    11). Hornet Hoverfly
    12). Scorpion Fly (what else?)
    13). Swallowtail Butterfly
    14). Peacock Butterfly (how lovely?!)
    15). Elephant Hawkmoth (even lovelier!!)

    Thanks so much!

  2. FEARN

    Drat – Tempus fugit
    1). Stag
    2). Fish
    3). Prawn?
    4). Frog
    5). Ant
    6). Tiger
    7). Horse
    8). Rhinoceros
    9). Crane
    10). Horse
    11). Tiger?
    12). Scorpion
    13). Swallow
    14). Peacock
    15). Elephant Hawk


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