Sunday Quiz – Beasts of the Field

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Riggit Galloways (Photo One)

Dear Readers, my post on Native by Patrick Laurie had me thinking about native breeds of domestic animal, and how varied and beautiful they are. And so, this week, our mission is simple – can we match the animal to the country that it comes from? And, to make life a little easier, this week I am going to experiment with giving you a whole week to submit your answers, so they will be published next Saturday, and to be ‘marked’ you need to get your answers into the comments by 5 p.m. UK time on Friday.

So, you will get one mark for the correct country, and a second mark if you can actually name the breed. As normal, if you don’t want to be influenced by those who have gone before, write your answers down on a piece of paper before you pop the answers into the comments.

So, if you think that the piggy in photo 1 is from Australia, your answer is 1) a)

And before you ask, the Riggit Galloways in Photo One are from Scotland.


a) Australia

b) Iceland

c) France

d) Turkmenistan

e) Hungary

f) Norway

g) USA

h) South Africa

i) Democratic Republic of Congo

j) Ireland

k) Turkey

l) India

m) Scotland

n) Belgium

o) Russia

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Photo 2 by Nilfanion / CC BY-SA (


Photo 3 by By Amada44 - Own work, Public Domain,


Photo 4 from Dux / CC BY-SA (


Photo 5 by By José Reynaldo da Fonseca - Own work, CC BY 2.5,


Photo 6 from Effervescing Elephant / CC BY-SA (


Photo 7 by HeatherLion / CC BY-SA (


Photo 8 by Stamatisclan / CC BY-SA (

8) The rabbit please (though one extra mark for the breed of dog…)

Photo 9 by akial / CC BY-SA (


Photo Ten by Andreas Tille / CC BY-SA (


Photo 11 by Ulruppelt / CC BY-SA (


Photo 12 by fugzu / CC BY (


Photo 13 by By Volatilde - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Photo 14 by By Zingpix - Own work, CC BY 3.0,


Photo 15 by By User Carl-Johan Aberger on sv.wikipedia - Carl-Johan Aberger, Public Domain,



2 thoughts on “Sunday Quiz – Beasts of the Field

  1. FEARN

    (For me the iconic Galloway will always be the Belted one. )

    Well if no one else is stepping up:

    1e Mangalica
    2m Highland
    3h Afrikaner
    4j Wolf Hound
    5l Brahman
    6k Van
    7g Rhode Island Red
    8n Flemish Giant Rabbit and (m)Shetland Sheepdog
    9c Charolais
    10b (just the country)
    11d Akhal Teke
    12i Basenji
    13o Blue
    14a Blue Heeler
    15f Forest Cat (nearly got that wrong but one country was missing)

  2. Sylvie Higgins

    Dear Bugwoman, I loved doing your latest quiz. My grandparents had a small farm that had “Géant des Flandres” rabbits, among many other creatures. ( I have to say, t hough , that the rabbits of that name that I remember from the 60’s were not the size of Scottish collies.)

    1) e: Mangalica pig
    2) m: Highland cattle
    3) h: Afrikaner cattle
    4) j: Irish wolfound
    5) l: Brahman cattle (the breed was created in America fby crossing animals that belonged to Indian breeds)
    6) k:Turkish Van cat,
    7) g:Rhode Island chicken
    8) n: Flemish Giant rabbit, next to a Scottish Collie
    9) c: Charolais cattle
    10) b: Icelandic Horse
    11) d: Akhal-Teke horse
    12) i: Basenji dog.
    13) o: Russian Blue cat.
    14) a: Australian Cattle Dog.
    15) f: Norwegian Forest Cat
    Thank you.


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