Saturday Quiz – Technical Body Parts

Dear Readers, we probably all know that these amazing structures are antennae, but what about if I asked you where you’d find a speculum on a bird? Or what elytra are? Well, as you were all so brilliant last week I am upping the ante this weekend. Match the photos to the terms listed below, and pop your answers into the comments by 5 p.m.(UK time) next Thursday if you want to be marked. As usual, if you don’t want to be influenced by the very speedy people who tackle the quiz, write them down old-school on a piece of paper first.

So, if you think what’s shown in photo 1 are some pedipalps, your answer is 1) a)

Onwards! And good luck….

a) Pedipalps

b) Seta (plural Setae)

c) Cremaster

d) Supercilium

e) Scutellum

f) Elytron (plural Elytra)

g) Annulations

h) Speculum (pl.Specula or Speculums)

i) Alula (pl Alulae)

j) Halteres

k) Gonydeal spot

l) Pinaculum (pl. Pinacula)

m) Spiracles

n) Orbital ring

o) Corbiculum (plural Corbicula)

Photo One from
1) What’s a bird’s eyebrow called?
2) What’s that little sticky-out thing on the upper edge of the wing?
Photo Three fromCC BY-SA 3.0,
3) Wingcases?
Photo Four fromBy Laisverobotams at Lithuanian Wikipedia - Originally from lt.wikipedia; description page is/was here., Public Domain,
4) How about the bit in the circle?
5) What’s that little dumbbell thing at (3) called?
Photo Six by Dean Morley from
6) What are those peanut-shaped things called (this is a shot of an Indian Moon Moth caterpillar)
Photo Seven byBy Keven Law from Los Angeles, USA - Happy Feathery Friday....., CC BY-SA 2.0,
7). What’s that blue patch on the wing called?
8) What’s the name of the red spot on the lower bill?
9) And what’s the name of the ring around the eye?
10) What a hairy caterpillar! But what are the hairs called?
11)…and what’s the name for the pore from which the hair appears?
Photo Twelve by Boaz Ng from
12) What’s the name of the black ‘hook’ that enables the pupa to attach itself to a surface?
13) What’s the structure on the leg that’s used to hold pollen called?
14) What are those two ‘boxing gloves’ either side of the spider’s head called?
15) And finally, what are the stripes on this spider’s legs called?

5 thoughts on “Saturday Quiz – Technical Body Parts

  1. FEARN

    Without a scutellum of a cremaster any guesses on my part would be supercilium spiracles. My annulations haltere. Great quiz! thanks for expanding my vocabulary.

  2. Sylvie Higgins

    What an interesting quiz. Credit for most of my answers belongs entirely to the websites I consulted. .
    1. d
    2. i
    3. f
    4. e
    5. j
    6. m
    7. h
    8. k
    10. b
    11. l
    12. c
    13. p
    14. a
    15. g


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