Winter Wonderland 6


Dear Readers, I am hiding the comments which already have the answers – I have seen them and will mark them, so don’t worry, and well done for being so speedy! I just want to give other people a chance to have a bash uninfluenced 😎.

Dear Readers, well, we’re at the end of the quiz, and today I think we’ve done enough looking at things, so I’d like us to do some listening. Can you match the calls below to the photo of the animal? I have pushed the definition of ‘Christmas’ to include some generally wintery animals, so I hope you’ll forgive me!

As you will remember, I started the quiz on the 19th December and finish today (24th December) – answers for the whole quiz will need to be with me by 5 p.m. UK time on Monday 28th December.

The links for all the previous parts of the quiz are below. Feel free to do as much or as little as you like! And have the best possible Christmas that you can, I am sending enormous virtual hugs to all of you as we navigate this most peculiar of festive seasons together.

Winter Wonderland 1 – Christmas Trees

Winter Wonderland 2 – Christmas Plant Folklore

Winter Wonderland 3 – Animal Tracks

Winter Wonderland 4 – Rainbow Birds

Winter Wonderland 5 – Christmas Fruit and Vegetables

Christmas ‘Carols’

Ok, here we go! Listen to the sounds below, and see if you can match them to the photo of the animal. So, if you think that a polar bear is responsible for sound ‘A’, your answer is 24) A)

Good luck! I think this is an advanced-level quiz πŸ™‚ so mega congratulations to anyone who can figure it out!








Question 24 – Polar Bear

Question 25 – Rock Ptarmigan

Question 26 – Snow Bunting

Question 27 – Snowy Owl and chick

Question 28 – Reindeer Running!

Question 29 – Robin

Photo 30 by Anya Schlich-Davies at

Question 30 – Arctic Fox cub

3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland 6

  1. Fran & Bobby Freelove

    1, B Scots Pine
    2, C Yew
    3, C Mistletoe
    4, C
    5, D
    6, A
    7, B
    8, B
    9, D
    10, A
    11, C
    12, Northern Cardinal
    13, Guianan Cock-of -the -Rock
    14, Yellowhammmer
    15, Rose Ringed Parakeet
    16, Crowned Pigeon (Scheepmaker?)
    17, Indigo Bunting
    18, Violet Back Bunting
    19, B, Parsnips
    20, Brussels and Cranberries
    21, E, Cranberries
    22, A, Clementine
    23, C, Selenium
    24, D
    25, B
    26, G
    27, E
    28, A
    29, C
    30, F

    Don’t hold out much hope for the animal sounds, they get us every time, still we tried our best. πŸ˜„ hope you both have the best Christmas that you can.

  2. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    I hope this is the right way around or format. I admit that I have had to guess a few.
    1B, 2C, 3C, 4B, 5A, 6D, 7C, 8A, 9D, 10B, 11C
    12 Red Northern Cardinal
    13 Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock (what a great name!)
    14 Yellowhammer
    15 Ring-necked Parakeet
    16 Blue Pheasant
    17 Indigo Bunting
    18 Violet-backed Starling
    19B, 20D, 21E, 22A, 23C & D, 24A, 25B, 26G, 27E, 28D, 29C, 30F.

  3. Rosalind Atkins

    We have finally managed to get our quiz replies (just about) in in time ;0 We did do the previous quiz after the results were published, but before looking, and got 4, which might not sound much, but was double our previous effort of two!
    So to the Christmas quiz, which was great fun, especially the bird names …. Did you mean to give us a Christmas present on Christmas Eve, or are we missing something?

    1. Scots Pine
    2. Yew
    3. Mistletoe
    4. C
    5. D
    6. B
    7. A
    8. B
    9. A
    10. D
    11. C
    12. Red Cardinal
    13. Orange Fan-Neck
    14. Yellowhammer
    15. Green lorikeet
    16. Blue Pheasant
    17. Indigo Warbler
    18. Violet Scavenger
    19. B & D
    20. D
    21. E
    22. A
    23. C
    24. D
    25. B
    26. G
    27. E
    28. A
    29. C
    30. F

    Enjoy the marking – especially the bird names!


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