Saturday Quiz – Musical Plants

Dear Readers, after the high culture of last week here’s something a bit more tuneful. All you need to do is match the plant to the lyrics from the (hopefully) popular song below. Normally I would knock up some photos, but as it’s year end at work (and some of you will know what that means!) I am just going to give you 10 plants and 10 lyrics, and all you have to do is match one to t’other. An extra mark for the full name of the song (or thereabouts)  and a discretionary mark if you can name the singer/band (though some of these are ancient, rather like me, and will therefore have been knocked up by multiple folk).

So, if you think that lyric 1 is about blackberry, your answer is 1/A

Now, if I spot that you have answered in the comments (and some of you are very very quick) I will send you a quick message and then unapprove your answer so that it doesn’t influence anyone else. However, if you think you might be influenced I would be inclined to write them down on a piece of paper first.

Answers on Friday next week, so get your ideas in by 5 p.m. UK time on Thursday 21st January if you want to be marked.


  1. ‘And you’ll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle made for two’

2. ‘I beg your pardon…’

3.  ‘And then worst of all (worst of all)

You never call baby when you say you will (say you will)

   4. ‘Small and white, clean and bright,

You look happy to greet me’

   5. ‘Tiptoe, through the window,

By the window, that’s where I’ll be’

   6.  I lost myself on a cool damp night
I gave myself in that misty light
Was hypnotized by a strange delight.

7.You gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion
You’ll be scratchin’ like a hound
The minute you start to mess around

8. Ooh, I bet you’re wonderin’ how I knew
‘Bout your plans to make me blue

9. Absolutely going down the drain
It’s a terrible day
Up with a knock
Silly girl I don’t know what to say
She was running away

10. I was working part time in a five-and-dime
My boss was Mr. McGee
He told me several times that he didn’t like my kind
‘Cause I was a bit too leisurely

Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing
But different than the day before
That’s when I saw her, ooh, I saw her
She walked in through the out door, out door


A. Blackberry

B. Lilac

C. Grape

D. Tulip

E. Poison Ivy

F. Daisy

G. Raspberry

H. Rose

I. Buttercup

J. Edelweiss

Onwards! Make me proud!



18 thoughts on “Saturday Quiz – Musical Plants

  1. Fran & Bobby Freelove

    1, F, Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two) Dinah Shore
    2, H, Rose Garden, Lynn Anderson
    3, I, Build Me up Buttercup, The Foundations
    4, J, Edelweiss, Vince Hill
    5, D, Tiptoe through the Tulips, Tiny Tim
    6, B, Lilac Wine, Elkie Brooks
    7, E, Poison Ivy, originally The Coasters
    8, C, I Heard it through the Grapevine, Marvin Gaye
    9, A, Blackberry Way, The Move
    10, G, Raspberry Beret, Prince

  2. Anne

    1F – A bicycle built for two – Dinah Shore
    2H – I never promised you a rose garden -Kon Kan or Lynne Anderson
    3I – Build me up buttercup – The Temptations
    4J – Eidelweiss – Theodore Bikel and Mary Martin
    5D – Tiptoe through the tulips – Tiny Tim
    6B – Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley
    7E – Poison Ivy – The Coasters
    8C – I heard it through the grape vine – Martin Gaye
    9A – Blackberry Way – Cheap Trick
    10G – Raspberry Beret – Prince

      1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

        Well, that would certainly mean I lose! (I reckon I’m one of the worst singers in the world – not that it stops me sometimes!) Been ‘singing’ the Foundations to myself all morning. Happy days! 😊

  3. FEARN

    1/F Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two), Harry Dacre
    2/H Rose Garden, Lynn Anderson
    3/I Buttercup The Foundations
    4/J Eidelweiss Richard Rodgers
    5/D Tulips (Tiptoe Through The) Tiny Tim
    6/B Lilac Wine Elkie Brooks (Jeff Buckley!)
    7/E Poison Ivy The Lambrettas (after The Coasters)
    8/C Grape – Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye – I bet you wonder how I knew?)
    9/A Blackberry Way, The Move
    10/G Raspberry Beret, Prince

  4. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    1 F Daisy, Daisy (sung by many people no doubt, but the one I remember most is my daughter, aged about 4 on the stage of the Haxby WMC!)
    2 H I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson
    3 I Build me up Buttercup by The Foundations, cracking song!
    4 J Edelweiss best known by Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music (my mum’s favourite film – she saw it 7 times, at least!)
    5 D Tiptoe through the Tulips, by Tiny Tim
    6 B Lilac Wine, by Nina Simone
    7 E Poison Ivy, by the Rolling Stones
    8 C Heard it Through the Grapevine, by Marvin Gaye (the greatest song EVER!)
    9 A No idea what this song is, but it was the only one left!
    10 G Raspberry Beret, by Prince.

    1. Bug Woman Post author

      Hi Jacqueline! I’ve got your answers, but I’m going to hide them now so they don’t influence other people. Thanks for playing, results will be posted on Friday,

  5. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Update to my previous answer: No. 9 (A) is Blackberry Way by the Move. Don’t ask me how, but it suddenly popped into my head last night as I was about to go to sleep. The mind works in wondrous ways!

  6. Claire

    Hello! I must admit this one was all google research, because almost none of the lyrics rang a bell …even grapevine that I listened to 1000 times.! I chose my favorite singers, not necessarily the first ones. It ´s been great to discover all these songs.
    1/F daisy/ On a bicycle built for two -Nat King Cole // 2/ H rose/(I never promised you a) Rose garden-Lynn Anderson// 3/I buttercup / Build me buttercup -The Foundations/ /4/J edelweiss- Edelweiss ( the sound of music)- Bill Lee//.5/ D tulip…Tiptoe through the tulip -Tiny Tim//6/B lilac. Lilac wine-Nina Simone//7/E poison ivy – Poison ivy -The Rolling Stones. 8/C grape / I heard it through the grapevine -Marvin Gaye- 9/A blackBerry/ Blackberry Way- The Move// 10/G raspberry- Raspberry beret – Prince.
    I will make myself a playlist of these…great fun! Thank you.

    1. Claire

      I réalisé that maybe I shouldn’t have answered the quizz…Do not hesitate to cancel my comment if you think it better…

      1. Bug Woman Post author

        No, it’s absolutely fine Claire! I’ll hide your comment till the answers are posted because I try to do that for everyone, but thank you for having a go (and I think you’ve done very well 🙂 )

  7. Liz Norbury

    1F Daisy, Daisy – traditional music hall song
    2H I Never Promised You a Rose Garden – Lynn Anderson
    3I Build Me Up, Buttercup – The Foundations
    4J Edelweiss – Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music soundtrack
    5D Tiptoe Through the Tuilps – Tiny Tim
    6B Lilac Wine – Elkie Brooks
    7E Poison Ivy – ?
    8C I Heard it Through the Grapevine – Marvin Gaye
    9A Blackberry Way – The Move
    10G Raspberry Beret – Prince

    I loved this quiz! Edelweiss reminded me of my childhood obsession with The Sound of Music – my long-suffering parents took my sister and me to see it at the cinema on numerous occasions, and also had to put up with the two of us constantly singing all the songs from the film around the house and in the car! A couple of years later, we were belting out our favourites from the pop charts, and Blackberry Way and Build Me Up, Buttercup were two of the first ones we learned. We never had Radio 1 in our house, but fortunately it was always on at my friend Caroline’s house, two doors away, so my sister and I got to hear all the latest hits! When we went to with our parents to do the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s in Muswell Hill on Saturday mornings, we would always look in the window of the nearby record shop where the charts were displayed on a big white board, to see who was number 1 that week!


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