In Tearing Haste….

February 2020

Dear Readers, the Year End is reaching a positive crescendo at the moment, so I have somehow not managed to get my blogposts lined up. Never mind! As it was 1st February today, I thought I’d share a couple of images from February’s past. The one above shows the nature reserve at East India Dock Basin, and how it can only be a year since I had a wander round I have no idea. I did actually see some birds (including some teal, who are fairly rare in these parts), but what strikes me are those magnificent skies.

The O2 Centre as seen from East India Dock




In February 2019 I made a visit to a new roof garden in the heart of the City at Fenchurch Street. Once this blooming lockdown is over, I must pop back to see how it’s developing.

The view from the Roof Garden


February 2018 saw me a long way from home in Costa Rica. I loved the teeth on this crocodile!

This oropendola was a bit prettier but a lot noisier.

And how about the hummingbirds?

February 2017 seems to have been all about winter aconites….

And blackbirds….

And my cat Willow, who made herself at home on the blanket that I’d just finished knitting…

February 2016 saw the seasonal pond in Coldfall Wood about to inundate the boardwalk. Since some drainage works it’s been much drier this year.

And this was an art installation at Tate Modern which had collected soil from all over London. I was pretty unimpressed. 

Back at Tate Modern on Friday 19th February

In February 2015, I was most taken by this heron at London Zoo. The penguins were not so impressed.

Heron and Humboldt Penguin

And finally, here is my first ever blogpost from February 2014. It feels like half a lifetime ago. What a lot of water has passed under the bridge since 2014! And how glad I am to have the chance to remember it all.

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