Saturday Quiz – Dawn Chorus – Version 2!

Title Photo by Brian Robert Marshall / Song thrush near Faringdon Folly

Song thrush singing (Title Photo)

Hi Everyone, here’s a revised version of the quiz – hopefully you shouldn’t be able to see the bird names this time, which rather defeated the object :-). Same ten birds (plus one), but in a different order. Many thanks to Claire, Rosalind and Mike for letting me know. Unfortunately while I can preview the post, for some reason it appears that the mail that you get is not the same, which is most unhelpful. I shall asking WordPress if there’s any way of previewing the email before it goes out. 

Dear Readers, International Dawn Chorus Day was on the first Sunday in May, but in many places the birds are still going strong. How are your identification skills, though? Below are the songs of 10 British birds that you can often hear first thing in the morning, so let’s see how good you are at telling one from another. I’ve made this multiple choice because it ain’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve also tried not to include too many birds that sound the same, but until you get your ‘ear in’ that can be a tough call. I will do a quick post on what I’ve learned about bird songs next week.

Simply match the sounds to the birds. So, if you think song (1) is a blue tit, your answer is 1) a).

As usual, answers in the comments by Thursday 3rd June (5 p.m. UK time) and I will post the results on Friday 4th June. I will ‘disappear’ any answers that I spot, but if you are easily influenced by what came before, write them down first.



A) Blue Tit

B) Blackbird

C) Song Thrush

D) Chiffchaff

E) Woodpigeon

F) Great Tit

G) Goldfinch

H) Robin

I) Wren

J) Chaffinch

The Songs….











And finally, this is about as un-British a bird as you could hope to find. An extra point for anyone who can guess what on earth this is…..


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