Negative, But….

Herb Robert seed pods

Dear Readers, I was very impressed by the speed with which my Covid -19 test results came back – the kit was sent off on Sunday and it was announced that I was negative on Monday. However, I have spent most of today in bed, shivering and with my teeth chattering, so clearly all is not well yet. I find it astonishing how even the roots of my hair feel sore, and how in the middle of a heatwave I wanted nothing so much as a hot water bottle. Still, with any luck I’ll be feeling a bit better tomorrow, especially as it’s my six-monthly performance review and I’ll need to be on the ball!

I just thought that you might want to see exactly why hardy geraniums are called cranesbills. Don’t these seedpods look just like the heads of an elegant bird?

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Sandhill Cranes (Photo One)

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Photo One by TJflex at

5 thoughts on “Negative, But….

  1. sllgatsby

    I hope you feel better soon! And if not, that they will let you postpone your review!

    Those certainly live up to the name cranesbill! I have many hardy geraniums in my garden. So pretty and the pollinators love them.

  2. Gail

    Oh my goodness, yes ‘re the cranesbill!
    I’m sorry you’re still feeling so poorly but relieved it’s not covid. Over on Twitter, there’s a lot of commentary from doctors and sufferers, about how our immune systems have become sluggish with inreased sanitisation and reduced contact and so our usual viruses have now returned with a vengeance. I think flu cases are unusually high for the summer and there’s a lot of anxiety about winter numbers.
    Even if it’s via Zoom, I hope you won’t have to do your review tomorrow if you’re unwell, that wouldn’t be fair – although I’m sure your light would still shine brightly!

  3. Rosie Crook

    Sorry to hear how rubbish you’re feeling. My PCR was negative but lateral flow 2 days later positive- just as I was also shaking in jelly fashion under the duvet. So do take care. Thank you for that lovely reminder of the cranesbill. Rosie


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