Autumn in the Garden

Dear Readers, I’ve got a break from work for a few weeks after today, so naturally I’m in my usual tearing haste to get all my paperwork done. Fortunately yesterday’s torrential rain has eased up a bit, so I had a quick walk around the garden to see what was going on, and it’s surprising what you can notice in ten minutes.

I’m very pleased with this sedum – the one in the top photo and this one are the same plant. The cerise flowers come first, and then turn to baby pink. It’s very popular with hoverflies, I’ve noticed.

This sedum is just going over, but it’s been a very structural plant. I did hear someone say that to propagate sedums all you have to do is break off a bit and plant it, but surely it can’t be that easy! Let me know, peeps.

This white sedum is just getting going. I love that they’ve conveniently staggered their flowering times, it’s always a bit duller in the garden once the autumn comes. The slugs and snails have clearly been having fun though.

Although the flowers are full and far between, there’s lots of excitement on the berry front. My whitebeam has decided to fruit this year, I don’t remember the berries ever staying on the tree long enough for me to see them!

Whitebeam berries

Then there’s the hawthorn..

And the bittersweet….

And the spindle….

And finally, the rowan…


It will be interesting to see who comes to visit to eat all this bounty, and which plants they prefer!

2 thoughts on “Autumn in the Garden

  1. Ann Bronkhorst

    I think it will be a good year for most berries, here in the UK, as it has been (I think) for plums. Your birds will flock in for the feast.


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