Sunday Quiz – Animals in Art

‘Dignity and Impudence’ by Sir Edwin Landseer

Dear Readers, animals have inspired artists since the very first cave paintings, but how much do you know about them? Have a go at the quiz below and see how you do!

Answers in the comments by 5 p.m. UK time on Friday 24th September please, and I’ll post the answers on Saturday 26th September. As usual, I’ll make any answers that I see disappear, but write your answers down before you submit them if you think you might be influenced by what they’ve said (like me).



  1. Who is this magnificent creature, and who painted him?


2. Who painted this adorable little white dog, and who is the man in the picture? Bonus point if you can tell me why  the man is looking so pensive.


3. Who created this print of a rhinoceros?  Bonus point if you can spot the anatomical mistake, which was copied in images of the animal for years afterwards.


4. Who painted this portrait of a stag?


5. Who painted this goldfinch? A bonus point if you can tell me which American author, who had only one bestselling novel previously, wrote a fictional work based on this picture?


6. Another horse, but who painted him? Bonus point if you know what painting of a marine disaster is probably this artist’s most famous work.


7. Which Japanese artist, more famous for his pictures of great waves and of Mount Fuji, painted this astonishing tiger?


8. Which American artist painted these sheep, and what was his master work, printed in Elephant folio?


9. Which Dutch artist, more famous for his flowers than his animals, painted this cow?


10. Which enterprising female artist painted this image, and what is the country represented? Bonus point if you know where in London you can find a gallery dedicated to her work.


11. Which Post Impressionist with a love for Polynesia painted these puppies?


12. Which German expressionist painter, criticized by the Nazis as an exponent of ‘degenerate art’, painted these extraordinary foxes?


13. Which English artist, more famous for his scenes of people in times of war and peace, painted this cockatoo?


14. Which artist, more famous for his mathematically-inspired geometric patterns, created this image of lizards?


15. And finally, a favourite artist of mine. Which contemporary German surrealist artist painted this small rabbit? And where do you think he’s going (there’s no correct answer to this one, I just wondered where your imagination will take you…)



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