Sunday Quiz – Poems of Harvest – The Answers

Title photo by Marc-Lautenbacher, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Canadian Harvest Festival (Title Photo)

Dear Readers, I think this was mega-difficult, but even so Claire got 30 out of 30 (one point for identifying the fruit or vegetable, one point for the title, one point for the author) and Fran and Bobby Freelove got 27 out of 30. Well done to everyone, and I think for Sunday’s Quiz we might have something a bit more identification-related :-)…..

  1. Figs, from the poem ‘Figs’ by D.H.Lawrence

  2. Plums, from the poem ‘This is to Say’ by William Carlos Williams

  3. Blackberries, from the poem ‘Blackberry-Picking’ by Seamus Heaney

4. Apples, from the poem ‘After Apple-Picking’ by Robert Frost

5. Potato, from the poem ‘Potato’ by Jane Kenyon

6. Carrot, from the poem ‘Carrot’ by James Bardolino

7. Corn, from the poem ‘Sweetcorn’ by Isabella Mead

8. Pear, from the poem ‘Pear’ by Paisley Rekdal

9. Cherry, from the poem ‘Cherry Ripe’ by Thomas Campion

10. Barley, from the poem ‘Barley’ by Ted Hughes


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