Sunday Quiz – What’s That Bird? Vernacular Names – The Answers

Title Photo by Derek Keats from Johannesburg, South Africa, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Dabchick or Little Grebe (Title Photo)

Dear Readers, just two takers for this week’s quiz, and both parties did very well. Rosalind got 9/15, but the runaway winners this week are Fran and Bobby Freelove with 15/15, so well done to them, and let’s see how we all get on with tomorrow’s Halloween-themed (ish) quiz…..

Vernacular Names

  1. Cushy-doo i) Wood Pigeon
  2. Jenny g) Wren
  3. Polly Dishwasher a) Pied Wagtail
  4. Bonxie k) Great Skua
  5. Windhover l) Kestrel
  6. Willy Wix  n) Barn Owl
  7. Mavis m) Song Thrush
  8. Starnel  b) Starling
  9. Corbie  h) Raven
  10. Seven-Coloured Linnet c) Goldfinch
  11. Spug d) House Sparrow
  12. Laverock j) Skylark
  13. Gowk f) Cuckoo
  14. Tom Tit e) Blue Tit
  15. Julie-the-bogs o) Grey Heron


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