In Praise of Climbing Hydrangea

Dear Readers, my climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) is really excelling itself this year. The leaves are shades of custard-yellow and lime, and it’s finally beginning to provide some cover for the nest box in the corner.

This is a dark, damp, murky corner of the garden, but this plant just doesn’t seem to care. In the spring it’s covered with big lacy heads of tiny cream-coloured flowers, and I think they’re rather fine even when they’ve gone over.

But it’s the leaves that have really caught my eye.

And while I’ve been standing there photographing the leaves, lots of small birds have been visiting the newly-filled seed feeder. Here’s a rather blurry chaffinch…

And now a great tit….

And here’s someone I didn’t expect to see using a bird feeder…..s/he did actually snaffle a quick seed, though I imagine the suet would be more to their taste. Does anyone else have robins using their feeders?

Meanwhile, there is one brave marigold still in flower…

And finally, next door’s hebe has come back into flower for about the third time this year. It is such a boon for bumblebees when they decide they need a nectar top-up during the winter.

And so, spending ten minutes away from my spreadsheets was well worth it! And good for my poor old back, too.

5 thoughts on “In Praise of Climbing Hydrangea

  1. Anne

    That climbing hydrangea looks wonderful the way it is clambering up your wall. I am only familiar with it through the blogs I read from your part of the world – am not aware of it in gardens here. It is also lovely to see glimpses of your garden and the birds visiting your feeders.

  2. Fran & Bobby Freelove

    Yes Robins feed from our sunflower seed feeders regularly, they don’t settle and feed but snatch seeds then take them to a tree to eat.


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