Sunday Quiz – Autumn Trees – The Answers!

Autumn trees in St Pancras and Islington Cemetery 13th November 2021

Dear Readers, how did you get on? The answer to the anagram was

Cedar of Lebanon
Monkey Puzzle

Claire got all the trees  right – the first tree is a mountain ash, also known as a rowan, and the Araucaria is also known as a monkey puzzle. Rayna got all the answers right (though she doubted her id. on the first tree), but because she did get the anagram right I think she just edged ahead this week. Well done to both of you! Let’s see what’s tomorrow has in store. 

1) Rowan

2) Alder

3) Elm

4) Yew

5) Spindle

6) Oak

7) Monkey Puzzle

8) Cedar of Lebanon


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