One of Those Days….

Dear Readers, today has been one of those days when you spend your whole time careering from one minor crisis to another, like a pinball ricocheting around between flashing lights and twitching switches. Hah! No wonder none of us have any focus any more, when we’re at everyone’s beck and call from the moment we turn on our laptops. So I had plans to do you a post on that most magnificent of legumes, the chickpea, in honour of my husband’s favourite food, but that will have to wait. Instead, here is a telegraph pole from the cemetery, which has clearly been treated with some kind of preservative, which is now peeling off in a most intriguing way. What can you see in the photo above? I see a most benign one-eyed elephant.

There are several animals in this one, maybe some fox cubs peering around from behind a tree trunk?

And I do believe I can see a rather miserable fish in this one. But do let me know what you see, if anything. There’s something about exercising the imagination that always cheers me up.

5 thoughts on “One of Those Days….

  1. Anne

    It is interesting that what we see must be influenced by our experiences – real or otherwise. For me number 1 could be a close-up of a wizened old buffalo; number 2 is reminiscent of an elongated African mask; while the third one – since you have asked – resembles the interior of a cave 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. FEARN

    Instead, here is a telegraph pole from the cemetery? A phrase that I will repeat randomly henceforth.
    Clouds are like this too – but oh so transient!

  3. Ann Bronkhorst

    Sadly, I see only abstract patterns and beautiful colours. Great photo: enlarge it for a wall picture or have as a screen saver.


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