An End of February Garden Update


Dear Readers, after the sighting of a couple of frogs in the pond last week it all seems to have gone strangely quiet, but as I know from previous experience, the frogs will start to breed when it seems like the appropriate time, by some internal amphibian clock. In the meantime, the birds are certainly picking up the pace. I’ve noticed that the chaffinches seem to rule the roost on the seed feeders, and I seem to remember that they are unusual amongst finches in that they are territorial when they are breeding, guarding particular trees and locations that they hope will feed their chicks. The male chaffinch in the photo is particularly feisty, scattering the poor goldfinches and scaring the life out of any other chaffinch that approaches the feeder.

The goldfinches are a much calmer lot, approaching in little flocks with a sound of tinkling bells, and then flying off again. I was hoping that they’d use my droopy teasel for some natural food, but the sunflower seeds seem to be much less effort.

And when everything is quiet, the blue tits drop in. There are a pair of them, and I am hopeful that they’re nesting somewhere near  – I put a nesting box up last year, and there’s one next door that blue tits have used every year for the past ten years. No one is looking at my sparrow-nesting terrace with any enthusiasm, however.

I do love all the different shades of blue, turquoise, lemon-yellow and olive green on the back of a blue tit, although a face-on photo might have been more appealing.

And so, the season quickens and by the time you read this it will be March. By the end of this month spring will really be here!

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