Comments Going Directly Into Spam

Dear Readers, for some reason known entirely to itself, for the past few weeks WordPress has been putting the majority of comments on the blog directly into Spam, including answers to the Rocks quiz (sorry Rosalind and Mike), and some lovely thoughts on many of the blogs. I have now approved them all, and many thanks to Bonnie who alerted me that there was a problem. I was beginning to think nobody liked the blog anymore, so it’s a great relief! And I promise to check my Spam folder in future. Usually it’s just full of adverts for Viagra :-). 

3 thoughts on “Comments Going Directly Into Spam

  1. Anne

    What a battle I have had to respond to this: your site asked me to log in. then would not accept my password … eventually I decided to try (successfully so) to respond to you in the Reader. I too have been finding comments from regular readers in the spam box and have read of other bloggers experiencing the same.


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