With the Barnwood Silver Birches

Male Large Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanus)

Dear Readers, yesterday I was lucky enough to meet with the Silver Birches groups for the over-55s that are held in Barnwood Community Forest here in East Finchley. What a lovely day it was! We had sessions on pollinators and on the folklore of plants, and the afternoon group learned how to make moss hanging baskets with Ursula from The Flower Bank, an amazing enterprise that recycles and reuses the flowers that would otherwise go to waste at corporate events, supermarkets, weddings and fashion shoots.

Of course, being Bugwoman it was very important to get people up close and personal with the amazing variety of insects that live in Barnwood. Here are just a few…

Comma Butterfly

Tree Bumblebee

Marmalade Hoverfly

Side view of the Comma, showing the ‘comma’ mark on its underwings

Speckled Wood underside

What impressed me so much with the Silver Birches was how much fun they were, how welcoming, and how patient they were when chasing some very flittery insects from one place to another with their camera phones so that we could get a snapshot of what was around on this sunny Midsummer day. It has been a long, long time since I’ve had the chance to do something like this and I had a wonderful time. So thank you to Leo and Linda who organise the sessions and to everyone who attended, it was a day that I’ll remember for a long, long time.

3 thoughts on “With the Barnwood Silver Birches

  1. Ann Bronkhorst

    Tree bumblebees are new to me. Must look them up. Watched a white-tailed bumble in my garden visiting fallen rose petals, one by one, presumably hoping for nectar. Not the brightest insect in the garden.

  2. Liz Norbury

    The Barnwood Silver Birches sound wonderful. This weekend, Friends of the Towans are running a 24-hour BioBlitz at the sand dunes and adjoining nature reserve which we help to look after, Activities include Butterfly Spotting, Spider Hunt, Wildlife Ramble, Wildflower Wander, Bird Walk and Bat Detecting.


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