The Leicester Road Bollard

Dear Readers, I may have been rather too complacent about the bollards here on the County Roads in East Finchley a few weeks ago, because although the bollards on Lincoln Road are still resplendently upright, the one on Leicester Road most certainly isn’t. Something or someone must have hit it a right old wallop to do all that damage. What on earth is going on? Is it just the constant stream of Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury, DPD, Amazon and Fedex vans that rampage up and down the road and occasionally have to retreat at speed? Is it a frustrated person with a sledgehammer? Is it the world’s largest mole?¬† I am open to all suggestions, however silly, and if someone local happens to have witnessed the event do let me know. This is yet another occasion when a trail camera would come in handy.

The bollards on Lincoln Road

As you can see, the bollards on Lincoln Road are not only in one piece but are developing a little ecosystem of what looks like chickweed and possibly shepherd’s purse. Is it just that these are positioned a little further back from the corner? If I was the Leicester Road bollard I would be taking it all a bit personally.

Anyhow, I think from the tone of subdued hysteria that you can probably tell that it’s been One of Those Weeks at work. Still, it will soon be Christmas! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but it certainly seems to have come around speedily this year. My Mum used to say that the years speed up as you get older, and she was right. But tomorrow we might actually manage to get out for a bit more Capital Ring, after being rained and train-striked off for the past few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed, and watch this space…..

2 thoughts on “Bollards

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Yes, someone must have a right old dent in their front bumper for that first one. But the second one looks like it’s leaning the ‘wrong way’ so clearly a revering ‘accident’, maybe due to someone trying to turn around down that road? Judging by some of the programmes on the telly these days, I’m sure there’s a security camera somewhere which will have caught the action.


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