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Dear Readers, I hope that you’ll forgive a very London-centric post today, but I’ve been playing a bit with the London Street Tree online map, and I thought I’d share it with you so you can play too. You can find it at

And this should take you to the screen above. Now you probably need to zoom in a bit to avoid all the trees just being blobs.

You can enter your postcode in the search box at the top left-hand corner, or you can zoom in yourself…

And once you’re in, hovering over a tree will tell you what it is  – as you can see, the tree on Huntingdon Road below is a Rowan, looked after by Barnet council

What, though, if you’re trying to find a particular species of tree, as I was earlier this week?

First, click on the ‘Hide’ button to get rid of all the trees.


Then, click on the tree that you’re interested in. You might remember a while back that I discovered that one of the ‘County Roads’ here in East Finchley was unlike the others, because it had lots of lime trees. And here is the proof, in case I needed any….

So, you can use the map to identify trees, or to find a particular kind of tree. There are a few drawbacks – a lot of the more recently planted trees are classified as ‘other’, which doesn’t give one a whole lot to go by. On the other hand, there is a Google View photo of each tree, at least in theory, so we probably shouldn’t quibble too much.

Anyway, I foresee hours of innocent fun exploring my local street trees with this, and I find myself wondering if other councils have done the same? Let me know readers! A street tree map of the UK, or indeed of every city in the world, would be a very fine thing.



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