Glad Tidings

Dear Readers, as it is Christmas Eve I thought I’d share some good news with you, to take you into the festive season.

  1. Not only has my cough finally gone (after almost six weeks) but my chest x-ray has come back clear. Hooray! And just in time for me to squeeze in a few visits with my lovely friends, who I have missed to bits over the past few weeks.
  2. As I was trying to catch up with my course work for my OU degree, I looked out of the window to see the male sparrowhawk in the photo on the roof of the house opposite. They are occasional visitors, and whenever they appear they are announced by a flurry of terror from the local collared doves and starlings. This chap sat stolidly for five minutes, looking around, before diving into the back garden of number 17. I have no idea who was lucky, him or the doves.
  3. We have been holding collections on the street for the dustbin collectors and for the poor postie – workers for Royal Mail have been on strike on and off for the past month or so, and of course they aren’t paid when they’re striking, so it will be a very lean Christmas for many of them. Our local guys are always friendly and helpful, and I hope that they win.
  4. In spite of everything – strikes, rain, no money, the threat of power cuts – there is a definite feeling of Christmas cheer. It’s the first Christmas for two years where things have been anything like ‘normal’ and it’s clear that families are getting together in numbers that haven’t been possible for ages. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the flu, covid, RSV and various other bugs don’t run rampant, but I’m also sure that being able to meet up is good for people’s bruised mental health.
  5. I have actually made a clementine cake, and I will be distributing it to various people tomorrow. If you haven’t tried the recipe yet have a bash if you have any clementines left over. I promise that it’s the easiest cake that you’ll ever make.
  6. My ageing cat has returned from the vet with perfect blood pressure, claws clipped without anyone losing an eye, and at her ideal weight. If current trends continue, I  fully expect her to be too fat when I go again in six months time, but for now all is perfectly poised.
  7. I am learning about Nutrient Flux in natural systems with particular attention to fungi, and am finding it absolutely fascinating. No doubt I will be posting about it soon!
  8. I have booked in a Garden Centre with my pal J on my birthday in January. I have no idea if said Garden Centre will actually have any plants, but I am sure we can find something to buy, even if it’s just a cactus. Plus, they do the best hummous, olive and pepper sandwiches you could ever want.
  9. My husband and I have both bought one another books for Christmas. We do this by the simple method of going to a bookshop, picking out things that we like, and then each one hands their ‘pile’ to the other one, and tries to forget what they chose. It’s always something of a surprise by the time the Big Day rolls around. I have a sneaking suspicion that this year we’ve each bought one another the same book – we don’t have a lot of overlapping interests, but climate change/history/popular science can throw up some books that we both take a shine to. Let’s see on Sunday.
  10. And finally, having been under the weather for longer than I usually am has given me the chance to really appreciate feeling better, and to feel so grateful for all the support that I’ve had from you, lovely Readers. I hope that you have a great Christmas, if you’re celebrating, and that you have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2023.

7 thoughts on “Glad Tidings

  1. Emily B

    Very pleased to hear all the good news especially that you are feeling better just in time for Christmas. Thank you for a great year of blogging – your posts are always interesting, informative and enjoyable to read. Best wishes for 2023!

  2. Anne

    Wonderful news all round – just in time to join in the Christmas cheer! I agree with Emily in terms of your interesting posts for I look forward to reading them.

  3. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Good news all round! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2023 Vivienne. Enjoy opening and reading those ‘mystery’ books tomorrow. (I hope you can take any duplicate back to the shop to swap it).

  4. Liz Norbury

    How wonderful that you’re feeling better just in time for Christmas! And yes, even in these bleak times, there are things around us which are a source of joy. As I staggered home from the bus stop this afternoon, laden with Christmas food and gifts, I suddenly heard a robin singing with all his heart, and I looked up to see him perched on a branch not far above my head. I put my heavy bags down to listen to this lovely sound of Christmas – even on the busiest of days it’s good to pause for a minute. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and hours of happy reading!

    1. Bug Woman Post author

      I love to hear the robins at this time of year. They’re all the more wonderful because they’re the only birds singing…I hope you had a wonderful day, Liz.


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