The World Wetlands Day 3D Mural

Dear Readers, I am always so impressed by these 3-D murals – it’s hard to believe that this one doesn’t feature an actual rowboat or jetty. 2nd February was World Wetlands Day, and so this work, at Cabot Circus in Bristol, shows a pond that’s full of rubbish at one end, and then full of dragonflies at the other. It was commissioned by the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust, and the artists were 3D Joe and Max, who clearly have form with this kind of thing.

3D Joe and Max’s installation in Leicester

A Roman Bath mural in Gloucester….

A scary chasm in Newcastle…

A leaping crocodile in Bristol

So all of these look like a lot of fun, though I’m not sure that ‘mural’ is actually the right word, seeings as these are on the floor. ‘Floorals’ maybe? You can read all about 3D Joe and Max at their website here, which includes some very interesting videos.

I wonder what the reaction of a dog or cat to one of these would be, or a small child come to that. And I hope they’re always positioned with lots of room to walk round them for the delicate of constitution or the unsteady of foot (puts hand up). But they are rather fun, and very confusing. Anything that makes us do a double-take is surely a pleasure.


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