February Garden Update


Goodness readers, there isn’t much going on in the garden at the moment – the couple of cold snaps that we’ve had in December and January have put nearly all the plants back, and who can blame them – in my north-facing plot it takes long enough to warm up in the best of years. But I was very cheered by these cyclamen, who have taken several years to establish themselves but are now going great guns. I’ve always had a great fondness for this plant, whether as a house plant or in the garden, and I remember my late Aunt Hilary’s garden, where all the spring flowers had naturalised themselves. I imagine it’s something of a building site now.

Cyclamen in Aunt Hilary’s garden

And my one patch of snowdrops is also spreading. How I love spotting their pristine white flowers from the kitchen window! If I stay in the house until I’m about 120 years old, maybe they’ll have filled up the rest of the garden. Or maybe I should divide them  this year. Truth be told, they’ve been such a long time coming that I’m nervous about interfering.

And then the buds are coming on the flowering currant, one of the finest of the early flowering shrubs, and a magnet for the hairy-footed flower bees in late March.

Flowering currant buds…

The flowering currant in April

I don’t know about you, Readers, but it’s felt like a very long winter this year. However, as I was taking a few photos this afternoon I noticed a trio of great tits chasing one another round and round the whitebeam, a robin singing, and the first shy heads of the grape hyacinths appearing. We’re nearly there. One more push and we’ll have gotten through another year!


2 thoughts on “February Garden Update

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    We have some snowdrops and a primrose blooming in the garden but not much else. Though our (very few) grape hyacinths are out in a pot by the front door. I’m not sure how or why they are so early as the door is on the north side and rarely, if ever, gets any sunshine even in the summer! Nature never ceases to amaze! 😊


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