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Wild Carrot by Jo Stephens

Dear Readers, one of the joys of Amy-Jane Beer’s book ‘A Tree a Day’ is that she is generously introduces us to a variety of artists who have used plants as a starting point for their creations. So, I am delighted to share some of the work of photographer Jo Stephens, who lives in Dorset and takes most of her photos within 15 miles of her home. I love that her ‘artist statement’ on her blog is that ‘the welfare of the subject is more important than the photograph’, something I wish some other photographers would honour.

“I’m drawn to impressionism and expressionism in my photographic work as this enables me to communicate my wonder and love of the natural world in a way that representational photography does not always allow. Most of my work is taken within a 15 mile radius of my house, much of it from the woods and fields in the village. It is my hope that my imagery may help inspire people to explore and (re)connect with nature in a responsible yet playful way and to encourage them to protect and defend the natural world from the myriad threats it faces.” (From Jo Stephen’s website here).

Here are just a few of her images. See what you think. I am reminded that someone once told me that you have to ‘see’ something properly before you can photograph it. I feel as if the subjects of these photos have been truly ‘seen’ in all their beauty, and I find it very moving.

Jo is just about to publish a book of her photographs, and her shop also has cards and prints.

Amy-Jane Beer’s book is here, and heartily recommended.

4 thoughts on “Jo Stephen – Photography

  1. christineburns2013

    These show the details I notice and occasionally try to capture. Thank you for drawing this to our attention.
    On a past blog note, the mistle thrush. This bird was the first to start calling where we lived in France and I looked forward to hearing it in the New Year. I am happy to report that, in the Tees valley, where I now live, there are mistle thrushes, perched on the highest branches and calling away. Christine

  2. Claire

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I love that they show us a world of beauty in these tiny creatures. Teaches us to look more closely .


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