The Blustery Day

Dear Readers, it has been a very blustery day here in East Finchley, as you can see from the squirrel above – he took some time out from eating to chase a female squirrel round and round the garden, but then went back to eating all the (very expensive) sunflower hearts.

The magpies were anxious about their nest too, as it swayed backwards and forwards at the top of the whitebeam. It must be quite deep now (it’s difficult to assess the real size from down here on the ground). Suffice to say it’s big enough for both the magpies to disappear into it. Apparently early April is the key month for egg laying, so by then we’ll know if these two are playing or serious. According to the RSPB website, Magpies start to breed at about two years old, and normally have a territory of about 12 acres, so these two are definitely ‘ruling the roost’ on our street.

Above the sound of the wind there’s the clear, thin song of the robin. He (or she) is looking very dapper at the moment.

And when the sun comes out, it lights up the colours on the goldfinches and the chaffinches. The weather might not know what it’s doing, but it’s good to see so much activity. There’s a real sense that the pace of life is speeding up.


2 thoughts on “The Blustery Day

  1. Ann Bronkhorst

    I feel very covetous towards your goldfinches. Why does my garden no longer please them? Could it be that the hordes of house sparrows put them off?


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