Well That’s That

Dear Readers, what a strange thing it is, after 9 months of slog and a couple of weeks of intense revision, to find that the exams are all over. Whatever did I do before every minute of the day was spent looking at mitochondria or genetics or natural selection in fiddler crabs? I am suffering from post-exam ennui, but I don’t expect it to last for long.

My second exam feels as if it went well, and I managed to upload it without incident this time, which is a big relief. But I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses this year, from putting out my dough balls for the magpies (who are now paying me back by nesting in the whitebeam and being mega-noisy at first light) to measuring the number of hairy-footed flower bees on my flowering currant. I have been astonished by the amazing complexity of cells, with a highlight being motor proteins that move things about in the cell. If you haven’t looked at it already, have a look at the animation of what they do in my post here.

So, with my level 2 biology courses done I am halfway through the degree. In the autumn I will be moving on to another environmental science module (I’m hoping to do half biology, half environmental science). You can read all about it here, if you are interested. I’m certainly very excited about it, though I’ll be glad of a rest over the summer – we’re planning to get back to Obergurgl in Austria, where we haven’t been since 2019. I wonder how much it will have changed? I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Well That’s That

  1. Anne

    I look forward to reading about your Austrian trip – even though I will be resting from the blogosphere during my own overseas holiday until the end of July.

  2. Charlie Bowman

    I’m curious as to how Obergurgl has changed; I haven’t been since 2014, and the differences noticeable then since 2010 were somewhat conspicuous. Presumably most hotels will be shut during what is, after all, the area’s off season. You will I am sure notice substantial glacial retreat, especially when viewed from the Hohe Mut top station. I’m just back from Kitzbuehel, where at the highest reaches there was still a fair amount of late-lying snow. Enjoy!


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