All Grown Up – Leopold Road Neighbourhood Garden

The Leopold Road Neighbourhood Garden

Dear Readers, I took a little walk around East Finchley on Saturday, and decided to visit the Leopold Road Neighbourhood Garden. Last time I was here, in March, it looked like this:

And now look at it! It’s been designed as a spot that’s nice for humans and pollinators, and I applaud the choice of plants: as you can see from the first photograph, there’s sedum and Bowle’s Mauve perennial wallflower, both of which will flower right into the autumn.

On the other side of the path, the goldenrod and the Rosanne geraniums are putting on a splendid show, and on this mild-ish day there were lots of bees and hoverflies buzzing about. It’s amazing how quickly plants grow, and how much they can cheer a place up. And I love the notice board, which explains what a collaboration this pocket park was, and how it forms part of a pollinator pathway. More and more people are growing at least some plants for our insect allies, and this project is providing solace for local people and sustenance for invertebrates. What a great achievement!

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