Strange New Habitats

Dear Readers, it has been ‘pretty busy’ at work today – I have exactly 6 working days left until I retire, and as usual I keep thinking of things that I absolutely have to do before I leave. But for a few minutes I did look out of the window and admire the scaffolding next door. It’s surprising how quickly something like a scaffold can become something to be utilised by the local wildlife: the magpies often hang out, squawking, on the scaffolding poles, and when we had a scaffold around our house a sparrowhawk used to sit on it, surveying the garden for prey.

But for today, it was largely spiders’ webs that caught my eye. They aren’t so clear in the photo above, but have a look at the film below. Enjoy!

I wonder how long it would be before the scaffolding was covered in vines? Maybe a little bit of soil would develop at the junctions between the poles, and I’m sure all sorts of things could live on the boards. It could be like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon given a year and minimal interference. But alas, the scaffolders will be coming to take them down in a week or so, and so I’ll never know what could have happened. On the other hand, it will be nice to get a bit more light into the house, the ones at the back have made our dining room feel like an abyss of doom, and that’s never a good thing, especially with the nights drawing in.

And now, back to the grind! But not for much longer!

3 thoughts on “Strange New Habitats

  1. Anne

    What fun you are going to have once the pressure of your job is over: the freedom to walk, read, photograph, study and to write. I cannot imagine you ever being bored!


    It wouldn’t take long, some seedlings can pop up anywhere, just like scaffolding pops up all the time. Always someone having work done near me and every day I hear the merry chink of scaffolding going up or coming down, which probably attracts the birds as well. Happy retirement.

    1. Bug Woman Post author

      Thank you! I love ‘the merry chink of scaffolding’, though around here it’s often accompanied by the cheery swearing of the scaffolders and the less cheery swearing of the motorists who can’t get past the scaffolding lorry…


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