Autumn Colour in East Finchley

Crab Apple Tree on Huntingdon Road

Dear Readers, it was a lovely sunny day on Sunday and so in spite of having my first assignment for my latest Open University module hanging over my head we decided to go for a quick walk and see what we could see. First up here’s this splendid crab apple tree. Most of the apples have fallen off now (what with the three storms we’ve had already this season) so there’s less chance of turning an ankle. And look how all the other trees are glowing! So splendid.

Incidentally, there’s rather lovely resource for us Londoners called Tree Talk – you can pop in your post code and it will generate a tree walk for you. Have a go and see what you think!

The one below is, I think, a cherry but feel free to correct me.

And this is a very lovely Japanese Maple. They are never more beautiful than at this time of year.

This is, I think, a Serviceberry (Amelanchior canadensis) – this has become a very popular tree on our road, though at least one has fallen over. I love the autumn colour.

And here are some privet berries. I tend to forget that privet not only flowers but has fruit, though it’s obvious when you think about it.

And here are a couple more serviceberries, on Durham Road. As I said, they’re the street tree du jour. Presumably Barnet got a job lot. I’m not complaining though.


And just look at this wonderful maple on Twyford Avenue!

The tree below is marked as a hawthorn on my London Tree Map: the berries look right, but the leaves are very different from your common-or-garden hawthorn. Any thoughts, gardeners?

And then, finally, how about this? Is there any tree yellower than a ginkgo in autumn? It’s a remarkable tree, and I love how its ancestors would have co-existed with dinosaurs in the Middle Jurassic. These days, it’s just as happy with the shoppers outside Planet Organic it seems. What a great way to end a walk, and tomorrow I’ll share a little bit about Muswell Hill with you – it’s the posher neighbourhood just up the road from East Finchley, and it has some rather fine features. And now, it’s back to climate change and interdisciplinarity. Wish me luck!


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  1. Anne

    A lovely variety of street trees. As we don’t experience such colour changes in autumn here, I am always to enjoy them from elsewhere 🙂


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