Bugwoman on Location – The Last Day in Obergurgl

IMG_3586There has been much talk this week about water and boulders, so it seems appropriate that on our last day we take a walk beside the river Gurgl, as it runs from Obergurgl down to Solden. When we start the day, at the little hamlet of Zwieselstein, it’s already running along at a fair clip, full of the sediment that turns it a milky grey.

IMG_3589Later in its journey, the Gurgl turns into a category 4 white-water rafting river, but no one tries to navigate these waters. For one thing, it’s full of enormous, house-sized boulders.

IMG_3592For me, rocks like this have a kind of personality, albeit one that’s developed slowly, over millennia. This path is full of them, each with their own community of plants.

IMG_3595IMG_3596And what a cool, green path this is on a hot, humid day. I don’t know of anything else like it around here.

IMG_3598There is one tiny spot of grey beach, and someone has built themselves a little tepee amongst the boulders.

IMG_3601From the cliffs on the opposite side of the river, I see a beetle-browed face looking out.


Can you see the face?

We climb up over a promontory, into an area where the sun breaks through

IMG_3637IMG_3639And then,  it’s down a hill, and back into ‘civilisation’.

IMG_3641The Rosebay willow-herb is in full flower, as perhaps it might be along the edges of Coldfall Wood.

IMG_3646And as we cross a bridge, the waters from another stream join the Gurgl – the waters run alongside one another for a while, brown against grey.

IMG_3645Here in Solden, they have a penchant for covered bridges. Some are traditional…

IMG_3643..and some are modern.

IMG_3651And, as the Gurgl runs fiercely down the valley, to meet up with the river Inn (from which Innsbruck got its name) and than the Danube, and, finally, the Black Sea, so I must say goodbye to this place, for this year at least. Our two weeks has gone just as quickly as the river has, but I have loved sharing them with you. And now, I feel the itch to be back in my own bed, with my own things around me, and to see what’s been going on in my half-mile territory. So, after the fun of flying back into Gatwick tomorrow and lumping all our luggage home to East Finchley, I look forward to reporting back with the Wednesday Weed on 22nd July.

Until then, thanks for your support!

7 thoughts on “Bugwoman on Location – The Last Day in Obergurgl

  1. Katya

    It has been a wonderful 2 week journey exploring this glorious part of the Austrian alps. Thank you for sharing all your stunning photos and lively adventures and commentary…very much looking forward to finding out what’s been happening in Coldfall Wood during your absence. Bon voyage home.

  2. Anne Guy

    Love the ancient and modern covered bridges…I had never heard of them until recently when an American friend said there are lots in the USA…

  3. alcsmith

    I came to your blog very recently after reading your piece in Earthlines magazine. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying it 🙂

    1. Bug Woman

      Thank you! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the blog. Once I’ve done the mountain of washing that I seem to have acquired following 2 weeks in Austria, I shall pop over to growinginsights.co.uk for a look.

  4. Dave

    Congratulations Vivienne on the daily posts, it has been fascinating following your journey. Have spent on time in Switzerland and the countryside looks very similar. London will seem very congested after spending the last two weeks as you have.

    1. Bug Woman

      Hi Dave, glad you’ve enjoyed the holiday blog! And you’re right, arriving back at Victoria station yesterday felt almost overwhelming after the peace of the mountains.


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