A Pleasant Surprise


Dear Readers, as you might remember it was part one of my team’s online Away Day today. It started with a ‘fun activity’. I am usually allergic to ‘fun activities’, because one thing I learned very early in life is that what is ‘fun’ for one person can cause acute embarrassment in somebody else. But, as it happened, this was fine, and the rest of the afternoon was stimulating enough to keep me going. Nonetheless, it was a relief to go and sit out in the sun for twenty minutes midway through. I had been sitting for a bit when I noticed the male blackbird looking quite agitated: he was making a series of soft contact calls. Furthermore, he stuffed his beak full of mealworms. Now, he had my attention.

And then I noticed a small movement in the lilac bush.

The blackbird flew into the hawthorn bush and continued to call.

And then, look who popped out!

Fledgling blackbird

As you might remember, the male blackbird has been hard at work for the past month, gathering mealworms and suet and taking it off to his nest, and here is the result of all his labours – a healthy, almost adult blackbird, who still obviously expects to be fed at the moment, but will hopefully pick up the knack of survival from their hard-working parent.

And, to add to the joy, here is another baby.

Fledgling robin

A new robin – looks like the robins must have successfully reared at least one from their second brood. It really has been a spectacular spring for lots of birds. With all the misery that this year has brought, I find myself taking such solace from new life.

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  1. Anne

    So do I. It is comforting that nature continues as it should while the rest of us learn how to adapt our lifestyles to accommodate a change of circumstances. I am pleased too that your Away Day proved to be more pleasant than expected – I have a horror of so-called ‘fun’ activities!


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