Sunday Quiz – Famous Animals

Whistlejacket, the Marquess of Rockingham’s race horse, as painted by George Stubbs (Public Domain)

Dear Readers, below we have some famous animals. Can you answer the questions below each photo? Let’s hope this is a little bit easier than the leaf shapes from last week 🙂

There are ten animals, and two questions to be answered on each one, giving a total mark out of twenty (though there are a couple of opportunities for extra marks as you’ll see :-))

Answers in the comments by 5 p.m. UK time on Friday 22nd October please. The answers will be posted on Saturday 23rd October. As usual, I will disappear all the answers that I see so that they don’t influence those who come afterwards, but if you are easily swayed by the brilliance of others, write your answers down old-school on a piece of paper first.


Photo One by By Stefan Schäfer, Lich - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


a) What’s the name of the horse (and for an extra point, what does the name mean?)

b) Who is the man who is trying to tame the horse?


a) Who is this chimp?

b) What was special about her?


a) What’s the name of this dog?

b) She was the first animal to do what?


a) What’s the name of this magnificent beast, and what was he named after?

b) Who was his rider?


a) What’s the name of this pigeon?

b) What did he do to deserve a Croix de Guerre medal for bravery?


a) Who is this (and for an extra point, who was she named after?)

b) Why did she make the headlines in February 1997?


a) Who and what is this?

b) Why did this bird make the headlines in 1965?


a) Who is this rather startled horse, and who is his owner?

b) What is being proposed as the horse’s new career?



a) What’s the name of this Irish Wolfhound?b) What was his reward for saving this child?

And last but not least…..


a) This is Magawa. What species is he?

b) Why was he given a medal?

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