Some Green Visitors….

Dear Readers, I put some peanuts out for the jays and the possibility of a nuthatch, but instead I got this lot. Ring-necked parakeets are always so chatty that they make their presence felt straight away, and so I was able to run to the kitchen window and take a few shots before they headed off to some other parrot-y appointment.

I wondered if they’d start to unpick the wire of the feeder, but instead they seemed more interested in manipulating little pieces of the peanuts through the grid. These two must be closely related, I think, as they were extremely tolerant of one another. even affectionate. Neither of them had the dark ring around their neck that denotes a breeding male, so maybe they’re siblings, or mother and daughter.

I know that these birds are a mixed blessing, but goodness they cheer me up! They always seem to be up to something. And look how acrobatic they are! They could be performers on Cirque du Soleil, if there was ever a parrot version.

In other news, my Covid seems to have mainly set up home in my throat and upper chest – I have a really sore throat and an irritating and unproductive cough. But I took some Night Nurse and had a good night’s sleep, so I’m confident that in a few days I’ll be on the mend. I intend to take it very easy, have lots of hot drinks and have a nap whenever I fancy one. I shall be modelling myself on this drowsy duck rather than these hyperactive parakeets, for now at least.

5 thoughts on “Some Green Visitors….

  1. Claire

    Hello! Sorry to read that your Covid is not over yet… Take care… Here, we recommend vitamin D and C, I am also taking a mix of ginseng, Royal jelly, and ginger( one of these at least seems to have worked!). Parakeets always cheer me up, like fireworks…To add another color, I heard this morning that red squirrels are less and less shy now, some sort of garden counting is about to take place…

    1. Bug Woman Post author

      I am already on the Vitamin D, but yes, Vitamin C sounds good, and I think I might take some honey and ginger. My husband is still testing positive, so we’re a bit stuck for going out at the moment, but I shall send him out for some ginseng as soon as he’s clear.


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