A Spring Visitor

Dear Readers, it has been a really lovely couple of days here in East Finchley, and I was delighted to see this handsome boy sitting in the garden when I finished work yesterday. He’d had a little drink in the pond and was now sitting around waiting to see what would happen next.

He was a bit interested in the wood pigeons on the bird feeder, but they’re a bit high for him to reach. He hid behind the rose bush for a while just in case he could surprise one.

Then he had a little dig for fallen bird food and worms…

And then it was time for another look round…

And then the children next door came out to play ball, so he sauntered off, after first investigating one of my pots.

After all these years (nearly twelve years in this house), I still can’t get over spotting foxes in the garden. What a treat! It’s as if a little bit of the wild comes to call every time.

7 thoughts on “A Spring Visitor

  1. Ann Bronkhorst

    Good luck to him. He would appreciate an egg (unshelled) and may become a regular visitor. Hope your neighbours are welcoming too.

  2. Fran & Bobby Freelove

    We’re extremely lucky to have three, Betty, Bass and BonBon, we haven’t seen our fourth one, Stump ( he only had half of his brush) for quite some time. They do get fed and they’re very good at time keeping! We have cameras so we can watch them, it’s quite amusing the antics they get up to. With their mortality rate being so high we must do all we can to look after these beautiful creatures.

    1. Bug Woman Post author

      How lovely to have three of them, and I hope that Stump has just moved on, rather than anything horrible happening to him. They are such fun to watch!


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