A Tale of Two Street Trees

An Amelanchior just down the road from me.

Dear Readers, there have definitely been winners and losers amongst the street trees on East Finchley’s County Roads. This Amelanchior is leaning at a most precarious angle, and is losing its leaves early in spite of some neighbourly people watering it whenever they got a chance. I know there are different schools of thought about whether or not to stake trees, but this tree and, strangely enough, its older cousin across the road (another Amelanchior) are both on the slant.  I wonder if this is to do with the species, or the soil conditions, or bad planting, or something I haven’t thought of? Give me a shout in the comments if you’ve any ideas.

One thing that it isn’t is the direction of the sun, as the houses in the photo face due south, and so I’d have expected the tree to lean in that direction if it was going to go anywhere.

But some trees have clearly had a lovely year. Look at this crab apple!

It is absolutely laden down with those hard, sour little fruits. I must keep an eye open for parakeets, they don’t seem to mind the mouth-puckering astringency of those fruity bullets.

I have honestly never seen so many, and I half hope that the parakeets get the lot, as otherwise they’ll be slippery mush all over the pavement in a couple of weeks. It’s been a good year for fruits of all kinds in this neck of the woods, I wonder how the berries and nuts are doing where you are?

And so my busy week is nearly at an end, I have thrashed numerous project reports into submission and I can definitely see the end of it. Thank goodness for this blog, at least I have to tear myself away from my laptop once per day.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Street Trees

  1. Ann Bronkhorst

    ‘Fruity bullets’ is good. The parakeets are welcome to them. My theory about the slant is hasty/clumsy planting. Wonder if the Woodland Trust would have a view?

  2. Rosie Crook

    Very interesting post, thank you. Tons of blackberries this year, many still on the bushes. And I notice the birds don’t seem to be clearing all the berries so perhaps there’s a glut everywhere?

  3. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Yes, lots of fruit this year (gooseberries, blackberries (both by the kilo), raspberries, mulberries, pears and apples) except for one small tree which had loads of apples last year and this year has only two. We can’t figure out why – do some trees fruit alternate years or, maybe, the blossom simply got blown across the estuary? Oh yes, just remembered, the squirrels took away hundreds of walnuts while we were away on holiday. Not one is left on the (very big) tree.


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